B3 WATERSPORTS S.L. The Warranty period of a product starts from the first date of purchase. The period last for 2 years for new products and one year for second-hand items. To process a possible guarantee to B3 the following points will be taken into account:

1- The buyer must keep the purchase invoice issued by the establishment as a demonstration, at the time of making a possible claim. It must include the name of the buyer, the date of purchase, the name of the product, the serial number and the seal of establishment where the product was purchased.

2- Products that have been used incorrectly, such as excessive inflation, explosion and wear due to sun exposure, damage caused by misuse in waves and breakers, improper storage, mishandling of the product and any other cause that is not related to defects in material or production, won’t be accepted as guarantee.

3- The warranty is only valid for the original buyer and is not transferable.

4- B3 products are manufactured for the exclusive use of Windsurfing, Surfing, Kiteboarding, SUP and Wakeboarding.

5- No guarantee will be accepted if there are signs of repair, alteration or modification of the products, all of them unauthorized in the products.

6- The buyer must make sure of the defects of the demand and must demonstrate them by pointing out the problem with adhesive tape and never marking or painting the product.

7- The claim will be made from the establishment authorized by B3 where the product was purchased, paying in advance for the shipment. No postage due will be accepted.

8- The products that are claimed must be accompanied by the purchase invoice.

9- If the warranty is accepted and repairable, B3 will repair the product and return it to the establishment where the sale was made at no cost.

10- If the guarantee is accepted and irreparable, B3 will replace it with another similar product at no cost, unless the customer chooses any other item with which any of the two parties must assume the price difference.

11- If the product is out of the warranty period, B3 will inform you of the cost of the repair and the transport costs will be also pay by the buyer.

12- Color, fade, color transfer, scratches, minor graphic defect of printing, minor damage to seams, or lack of serial number, will not be accepted as warranty.

13- Normal wear and tear parts won’t be covered by the B3 warranty.

14- The guarantee will not cover gear from schools, rental, riders or sponsorships.

15- These conditions will be applicable to the rest of the brands that B3 distributes at that time, excluding those brands that are transferred to another distributor.

16- Communicate as soon as possible to the selling entity any problem or disagreement with the product purchased.

17- If your rights as a consumer have been violated, ask the establishment for the appropriate official Complaint and Claim Sheet from the Junta de Andalucía.

18- For more information, you can visit the Web, call the toll-free number 900 21 50 80 or ask your question at, as well as visiting some of the associations of consumers and users of Andalusia.


B3 will not be responsible for the loss or damage caused during transport.

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